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103FM | 03.03.2019

How it all started, an interview with Niv Agam, chairman and founder of the association

103FM | 24.01.2019

Interview with Niv Agam, founder and Chairperson of ‘Magic’.

Israel Hayom | 15.02.2018

Gal Ben Haim understands Social Magic vision and path and describes it well.

Photography: Yehoshua Yosef

​An interview in the program "Outside the Bubble" with Niv Agam C.E.O. of "Social Magic".

Chanel 10 | 2.10.2017

Social networks

Or Kashti tells about the inception of the vision of ‘Social Magic’ and the first steps of the organization.

Photography: Hagai Fried

Ha’aretz | 28.07.2012
Join us on the social Magic journey